91 Launcher review

Give your phone a new launcher full of customizable widgets and themes.

91 Launcher isn't the fastest launcher on the block, but it's easy to set up, use and customize. That keeps it near the top of the list in terms of launcher apps, even if it doesn't bring as much to the table as others. It makes up for it with a good-enough infrastructure full of add-ons and neat themes.

This app serves as a replacement to your default home screen, giving you a new layout and changing the way you can open, use, and interact with apps. When you first use it, the app gives you a quick pop-over tutorial of some of its marquee features as well as some ways that you interact with this app differently than you would with a regular Android launcher. The first thing that you'll notice is that pulling down on your screen from anywhere opens up a cool, status bar-esque menu that holds a ton of features. Included in those features are features specific to 91 Launcher, like Quick Tap and its built-in memory-cleaning app. The launcher has several other utility and add-on apps you can download, as well as dozens of themes that you can design your phone around. Swiping from home screens is noticeably slow, but it's not slow enough to be bothersome. The app only supports five home screens, so you cannot have more or less if you want.

That's a rare lack of customizability from an app that can otherwise tout that feature as a strength. When you add in its host of add-on themes and apps, you get an app that shines as a very dependable launcher. If you're tired of Android's default and don't mind a few performance quirks, then give this app a whirl.

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