PC Cleaner Express review

This free Registry cleaner might be too powerful for its own good and yours.

PC Cleaner Express promises to clean up and speed up your PC by deleting invalid, expired, and unnecessary Registry entries. To varying degrees, such tools favor either ease of use or expert options. Unfortunately, PC Cleaner Express tries to have it both ways and ends up serving neither well.

PC Cleaner Express opens with a user interface displaying scan options for the pending System Scan, which searches for "errors, invalid settings, and software paths that no longer exist." Check boxes let us deselect any of the 12 scan options, from Control Scan to MRU List. We strongly recommend enabling the app's Registry restore feature, which requires a Windows System Restore Point. We pressed "Start," and PC Cleaner Express notified us when its scan finished. Strangely, no data appeared in the statistics panel; not start or stop time, duration, or any of the data fields. Nevertheless, PC Cleaner Express displayed extensive scan results, with details, in a scrolling window. We merely had to select those items we wanted to clean or select them all and deselect the keepers. And here's the first real issue we had with PC Cleaner Express: The list will boggle novices, yet experienced users will find it tedious. With trepidation (and back-ups) we did what many novices would do and selected every item for cleaning. Registry mayhem never happened because PC Cleaner Expressed crashed. We tried scanning one category at a time, but the result was the same: PC Cleaner Express stopped working.

Ultimately, PC Cleaner Express has the potential to be a powerful tool but needs work, and there's no lack of similar (and better) freeware, whether you're a beginner or expert. We suggest you skip this program as it is now and keep looking.

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