My Daily Readings review

Track your daily medical readings with this easy-to-use, free database.

My Daily Readings 3.90 is a free, easy-to-use program for tracking your daily medical readings and saving them in a database. Bob Larsen's freeware tracks blood pressure, glucose, insulin, pulse, weight, and many other metrics, including highs, lows, and averages. My Daily Readings lets multiple users take as many daily readings as they need, as frequently as 15 minutes apart. It has printable summaries, easy-to-read graphics, and large windows for visibility. Extras include database transfer, repair, and compacting tools. The latest version, 3.90, adds average AM and PM readings with date and time recording, better looks, and an improved delete-by-date command.

You'll need to extract (unzip) My Daily Readings' download to install the program. My Daily Readings needs some free Microsoft database and display tools, but they're included with the zipped download. But it's a mouthful to chew at once, and our PC became unresponsive. A second attempt at installation went more smoothly. My Daily Readings' setup page offered to create a new database, open an existing one (if you've upgraded My Daily Readings), or Exit. We started a new database (the name fields are all caps) and opened the easy-to-use data-entry tool. At the top of the tool it says, "Press F1 for Help." This opens a fully indexed Windows-style Help file, but My Daily Readings also includes a PDF version of its Help file in its program folder.

It's easy to type in "Blood Sugar," "Blood Pressure (systolic and diastolic)," and any other readings you take into My Daily Readings and save the data, access previous reports, edit the readings, print a report, and so on. But that's the thing about databases: Like taking your medications, you have to enter the data, yourself, regularly and faithfully. To that end, My Daily Readings is easy to see, easy to use, and easy to like.

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