HaoZip review

Zip files fast with China's favorite compression utility.

HaoZip bills itself as China's top compression tool, now available to international users. It handles 49 file formats, including popular formats like 7z, ZIP, and RAR, and boasts a number of integrated but optional extras like an Image Viewer, MD5 Checksum Tool, and Batch Renamer. It's fast, versatile, and a competent performer, but it faces a lot of competition in a crowded field.

HaoZip's setup wizard let us choose whether to install its integrated utilities and make HaoZip our default archive tool. One optional download isn't selected by default; the File Trojan Scan Tool. The program's interface is an attractive if unremarkable take on the standard Explorer layout, with a sidebar split between upper tree view and lower details/preview panel next to a main window displaying folder contents. Like many ZIP tools these days, HaoZip can create self-extracting files by clicking SFX on the toolbar. "Repair," "Virtual CD," and "Comment" buttons let us access these useful features from the toolbar, too. The "Help" button led to a Web-based manual in Chinese, and either it or Google's translation left a lot to be desired.

For the most part, HaoZip performed well, but with today's ZIP freeware, that's almost a given. It's a good first showing in a tough sector; but in the end, HaoZip comes up short compared to open-source tools with better performance and more features.

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