IQMango CD Ripper review

Back up your audio on your computer with the tools provided in IQMango CD Ripper.

IQMango CD Ripper allows you to take music from any CD in your collection and convert it to one of many audio formats for playback on your mobile devices. With a clean interface, plenty of tools to customize the files you create after ripping, and a faster ripping process, this is a useful tool for anyone with a large CD collection not yet converted to digital format.

If you have a lot of physical CDs and want to create digital files from them, you need software that will do it quickly and accurately. IQMango CD Ripper provides just such an environment. After a relatively quick installation process (though be wary of the third-party installs that are attempted), the software provides a number of tools to customize track data, file format, and the file creation process. Whether you are turning your CDs into MP3s for storage in a music library on your computer or would like to play back those files on a portable device or phone, the software will accommodate the process from start to finish.

IQMango CD Ripper is a fast, accessible piece of software that provides a valuable service that goes beyond the core tools provided in software like Windows Media Player and iTunes. It's free and offers plenty of resources, as well, making it a powerful tool for anyone that needs to convert a large number of audio CDs to digital format quickly.

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