IQmango Audio CD Burner review

Move files to blank CDs and DVDs or create image files quickly on your machine.

IQmango Audio CD Burner provides a number of powerful tools to quickly and easily create CDs and DVDs with your machine's burner. With a clean interface, limited options, and a responsive wizard that helps you get the files to your discs quickly, the app is a useful tool for anyone that needs to create audio CDs, video DVDs, or image files on your machine. While Windows can create data discs with the click of a button, audio and video require third-party software and IQmango gets the job done.

Installation of the software is relatively quick, though you will want to watch the install wizard carefully as it tries to install third-party files on your machine during the process. After this is complete, the software opens to a burning screen where you can start dragging and dropping files into the interface for your discs. It will automatically recognize the disc drives available, the space on those discs, and the format you want to use. You can switch between data, audio, and video, or you can copy discs with the built-in cloning tool. There is also an option to create images that will save to your hard drive for later access. The interface is designed for ease of use, and it will take only a few seconds to create the discs you want.

If you are in need of a solid, free audio and video burning tool for your PC, consider downloading IQmango. While some of the features are already built in to newer versions of Windows, the added benefit of a quick and easy interface, and the image-creation tool will make it worth the download.

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