Folder Size (64-bit) review

See how large your folders are at a glance with this handy tool.

Folder Size (64-bit) is a tool that displays the total folder size for all of your folders both in Windows Explorer and in a separate list. This makes it easy to see how big your folders are, as well as what the largest and smallest folders are, without having to sort through individual documents and files to get an idea.

When you install Folder Size, it runs from your taskbar in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, and it automatically adds a column for folder size to the Windows Explorer details view displaying your file details. If you want, you can also see a list of all of the folders on your computer sorted by name or by size in a separate window. This is useful information for a variety of reasons, including when you're trying to clean up your disk to save space. This program also tracks the folders you view, and it lets you see, at a glance, how large all files within each folder are.

This program runs well, and has a completely integrated interface. Any level of user can benefit from the added information it provides, and it fits in seamlessly with the Windows Explorer interface, so you probably won't even realize the information from Folder Size hasn't been there the whole time. Since this program is also free, it's worth a try if you're concerned about keeping your folders in order and managing memory on your computer.

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