Dream-Rain Animated Desktop Wallpaper review

Use this mesmerizing dream rain to replace a static desktop image when you need something a little different.

Dream-Rain Animated Desktop Wallpaper transforms your desktop background into a dreamscape populated with gently-moving raindrops. When you want something a little different as a background to your work, this app provides it through a fantasy of gently falling rain.

When you install Dream-Rain, it immediately transforms your desktop into a landscape featuring a grassy field that stretches into the distance. Above this field is a blue sky spotted with white clouds, and moving toward you smoothly and steadily are realistically-sized raindrops. This produces an interesting illusion, since the rain is actually moving sideways rather than falling from the sky to the ground, but it is somewhat mesmerizing as well. The graphics are decent, and the rain can be paused via an icon in the taskbar that also lets you access options for downloading other wallpaper programs and exiting the app.

We did have trouble getting this app to run again after exiting it once. However, the pause feature worked well, and the rain resumed when the pause was released. Since this app is free, it's worth trying to see if you like it.

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