Slideshow 365 review

Expect ads and functional problems from this otherwise promising app.

Slideshow 365 is an easy-to-use app that lets users create and share photo slideshows on their iOS device. The app has some great features, but excessive ads and some functional problems are serious drawbacks.

Slideshow 365's opening screen gives you the option to create a new slideshow, open a saved slideshow, or create a new time lapse project. If you're creating a new slideshow, the app lets you select images from your camera roll, choose transition effects, add music, set the delay between images, and set the date for each photo. You can then preview your slideshow, save it within the app, or convert it to a MOV file so that you can share it elsewhere. The app's time lapse project feature is interesting; it comes with a reminder feature that can prompt you to take a photo regularly, which is great if you want to watch a child, pet, plant, or something else change over time. Although we liked a lot of what Slideshow 365 had to offer, the ads were irritating, often popping up right in the middle of our work. We were especially annoyed by the one that appeared when we tried to access the built-in Help file. Even worse, we experienced some functional problems with Slideshow 365 that largely seemed to be related to its ads; it froze several times and we had to kill it to resume its use. Overall, Slideshow 365 has some great features, but if you're not willing to pony up to remove the ads, it may not be the best option for you.

Slideshow 365 installs and uninstalls without issues.

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