Miss Spell's Class review

Quickly identify spelling errors in this fast-paced word game.

Miss Spell's Class is a game that tests your ability to quickly identify misspelled words. It's kind of fun, especially if you pride yourself on being a good speller, but there's really not enough to it to keep it interesting for very long.

Miss Spell's Class opens with a screen that asks you to choose an opponent from Facebook friends, Game Center friends, or a random player. The times we tried the app, there were never any random players available, and we didn't have any friends playing the game on Facebook, so we opted to start a practice game. The practice game hurls 20 words at you and gives you three seconds to determine whether or not each word is spelled correctly. At the end you're given a grade based on how many correct answers you gave, and after each round you can review the words that you missed and view their definitions if desired. The game has an attractive, intuitive interface, and optional music and sound effects add to the excitement. We probably would have enjoyed the game more if we'd been playing against someone else -- we can get pretty competitive when it comes to spelling -- but playing alone stopped being entertaining after several rounds. Miss Spell's Class will appeal to word nerds who want to test their spelling ability and possibly improve their vocabulary, but users would do well to get a friend on board to make it more fun.

Miss Spell's Class installs and uninstalls without issues.

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