iSoccer Backstreet Lite review

With only two levels of gameplay, this trial version gives you a fun taste of a great soccer game.

iSoccer Backstreet Lite is a freestyle soccer game that will test your skills. Although this version of the game only gives you two levels of play and thus gets old pretty quickly, it's a nice way to try the game out before deciding whether or not you want to purchase the full version. If you're a fan of freestyle soccer tricks, we're betting you will.

iSoccer Backstreet Lite features impressive, realistic graphics. Users can choose between two different avatars and customize their jerseys, shoes, and other accessories. The game's first level challenges you to juggle the ball, bouncing it off your avatar's head, shoulders, legs, and feet, for one minute without stopping. The next level is similar, but challenges you to keep going for a minute and a half. A green guide frame helps you know when to hit the ball, but the second level takes the guide away, occasionally, forcing you to figure out the timing on your own. The game depends on rhythm and coordination, and we found that we got a lot better at it with a little bit of practice. The game's settings let users switch between the accelerometer and touch for controls and adjust the game's sensitivity. We're not particularly into soccer in real life, but we enjoyed iSoccer Backstreet Lite, finding it both fun and challenging. It's a nice way to test drive iSoccer Backstreet before you decide to buy.

iSoccer Backstreet Lite installs and uninstalls without issues.

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