Eternal Journey New Atlantis review

Solve puzzles, find objects, and travel to outer space in this adventurous game.

Eternal Journey New Atlantis is a hidden object adventure game that takes players from the depths of the ocean to outer space. We've played many games of this sort before, but we can't say we've ever become as engrossed as we did in this one.

Eternal Journey New Atlantis contains stellar graphics and is quite cinematic at times, with high-quality audio adding to the experience. You play the role of an archeologist exploring the underwater city of Atlantis, but that's just the beginning; before you know it, you'll be wandering around an abandoned Martian train station and making repairs. The game presents players with several different kinds of challenges: sometimes you're solving puzzles, sometimes you're trying to collect a list of hard-to-spot objects in a cluttered room, and sometimes you're just trying to figure out your next move to advance the story. We made plenty of use of the hint button -- the game can be quite difficult to figure out -- but the actual gameplay is easy, and plenty of in-game tips guide players along the way. We got sucked into Eternal Journey New Atlantis and played it for much longer than we had intended, which is perhaps the highest praise we can offer any game; it will keep you occupied and interested for hours at a time. If you enjoy hidden object games with an adventurous twist, Eternal Journey New Atlantis is a great choice.

Eternal Journey New Atlantis installs and uninstalls without issues.

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