Action Bowling Free review

As bowling apps go, this one isn't totally realistic but is still probably one of the best.

Action Bowling Free is a bowling game for iOS devices. Although it delivers fairly realistic graphics, it's not nearly as challenging as real bowling, and we found ourselves growing bored with it relatively quickly.

Action Bowling Free offers two ways to achieve the task of sending the ball down the lane: You can either swipe and release the ball, or actually swing your device in a bowling motion. The latter option is a little trickier, as you have to remove your thumb from the screen to release the ball as you swing, and this seems like a good way to send your iPhone sailing across the room. What frustrated us more, though, was that it didn't really matter how we flung our arm forward; the ball still traveled a relatively straight path, which is exactly how bowling doesn't work in the real world. We did like the wide array of options that Action Bowling Free offers, though. Players can bowl alone or play against friends by passing their device back and forth, and there's also a really challenging bowling trivia feature. Action Bowling Free gives users the option to listen to the game's own techno soundtrack or play songs from their iTunes, a feature we appreciated. Players can also customize their bowling experience by adjusting spin and speed of the ball. Overall, Action Bowling Free may come closer than most other apps to approximating the experience of actually bowling, but it still doesn't offer the fun of the real thing.

Action Bowling Free installs and uninstalls without issues.

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