Review: Prepare and file your business taxes with H&R Block's Premium and Business software

Get help with your small business taxes with H&R Block's premium tax tool.

H&R Block's Web-based Premium and Business might be the only tax software your business needs. It handles corporate, partnership, and LLC returns, produces payroll and employer forms, and helps you maximize your expenses. Best of all, you can store, prepare, and file up to five business returns securely from the comfort of home. Add the guidance and assistance that draws on H&R Block's tax knowledge, including real-time chat with tax experts, free unlimited business state program downloads, and H&R Block's guarantees -- and it's hard to beat at any price, let alone its surprisingly affordable (and frequently discounted) one.

If you've previously used H&R Block's online or brick-and-mortar services, you can log on to your account through H&R Block Premium and Business, but you can also import data from other sources. The Windows program resembles the tax service's Webware, only with a more business-oriented look and many more options and features. You'll be happy to know that the software's clean and colorful layout looks much more like a browser window than a tax tool, with lots of access to common tax questions, expert advice, and Federal, State, File, and Plan tabs that make it easy to access data, attach documents, and apply adjustments, credits, and more. We especially like the FAQ sidebars, since they raised possibilities (such as deductions) we hadn't considered.

Our only real issue with H&R Block Premium and Business was being required to pay before downloading it. H&R Block Premium and Business has a 60-day money-back guarantee, but we prefer not to submit card data until we're sure of the deal. We feel the software more than meets our needs, but we'd have liked the option to try before buying, even if it's a partially disabled trial version. In any case, H&R Block Premium and Business lets hardworking business owners do their taxes with full support from H&R Block.

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