Review: Contractors and the self-employed can eFile with H&R Block 2013 Premium

eFile as a contractor or self-employed person with this premium online service.

H&R Block's Premium online 2013 tax service lets contractors, rental property owners, and self-employed people prepare and file their taxes from the kitchen table (or anywhere) like other taxpayers. It includes everything found in HRB's Free, Basic, and Deluxe services plus priority real-time support and expert help with Schedule C and E, maximizing deductions and other tax questions you're likely to have. You can file your state taxes, too, for a small, extra fee. H&R Block guarantees you the largest return or smallest bill, just like its local offices. You can run through the process for free as many times as you need to before you file, as well.

We browsed to H&R Block's Web site and clicked the Premium option, which took us through the account creation and log-on process. Be sure to have any previous tax data you want to import ready, since you'll have to start all over again if you need to go back. The Premium tool has the polished look and feel of H&R Block's other services, only with many more specific resources.

H&R Block 2013 Premium's step-by-step process eliminates stress and mistakes, and its numerous help and support options mean your questions don't go unanswered for long. It's easy to import and attach relevant forms and documents, which is critical to self-employed filers. H&R Block guarantees its math and will support you in person if you're audited. Its modest (and often discounted) price buys not just the convenience of online filing but also cheap peace of mind.

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