Review: File easy with H&R Block's 2013 Basic Webware

Make tax time less taxing with this top-quality Webware.

H&R Block's Basic Webware for 2013 taxes is an online alternative to tax prep software and a great choice if your taxes aren't complex but you need more than free services offers. The second level in H&R Block's four online tax prep options, the Basic service has everything the Free tool offers plus free technical support, online storage, and access for three years -- and the ability to import W2 and other forms as well as returns from previous years. H&R Block has discounted the Basic service, so it's a better bargain, still.

H&R Block's Basic service has a streamlined, step-by-step process that makes it easy to figure basic deductions. We clicked "Start for Free" to open the Basic tool's log-on page, where we could create an account or start the tax prep process without an account. You can also log in with an existing H&R Block online account, even if you used a different option to file previously (such as the Free tool). We could import our previous tax returns from TurboTax and TaxACT as well as H&R Block's software and Webware. You can even access returns prepared by H&R Block's many brick-and-mortar offices. H&R Block also guarantees its arithmetic and pledges to get you either the smallest tax bill or largest return possible.

H&R Block's Web-based tools are easy to use and offer a lot of resources, including answers to a lot of questions, but the Basic service includes real-time technical support by chat or phone. Another much-appreciated feature common to Block's online filing options is the ability to check everything out before you file (and pay). Homeowners, investors, and self-employed persons can choose Deluxe and Premium tools that offer more options, but the Basic tool is a great place to start.

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