Review: WhatsGoLa Free lets you create image overlays and superimpose them

Create photos that match your wildest fantasies with this innovative app.

WhatsGoLa Free is a photo editing program that lets you superimpose one photo on top of another, giving you more options for what you can create. Use your own photos, take one through the app, or use WhatsGoLa's camera to take photos from places all over the world. Then, combine that backdrop with another image to create a new fantasy photo. With WhatsGoLa Free, you can imagine yourself anywhere in the world and make a photo of it.

The interface of this app is a bit clunky and redundant, and the tutorials that show up are helpful but complicated. It also does matter what order you do things in, but that's not always clear. For instance, before you can superimpose an overlay on a new photo that you've taken, you have to have already turned it into an overlay. If you haven't, you'll need to go back and do it, meaning you'll lose the image you were using as the backdrop and will have to take it over again.

The app also crashed several times while we were testing it, and all of your completed images will have a watermark unless you upgrade to the paid version for $2.99. The full version also allows multiple overlays in the same image, while the free version only supports one. Probably the coolest feature of the app is the WhatsGoLa camera, which lets you take a photo of any place Google Street View is available just by searching on a map. You can also search for a location and then bring up images of notable places in the area to use as your backdrop. For instance, you could pull up a photo of a beach in Hawaii, and then overlay a photo of yourself to make it look like you were really there. Overall, this is a fun app to play with and a very cool idea, but it's operational and interface issues do take away from the user experience.

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