Review: Magic Hour Lite provides unlimited options for applying filters to your photos

Create your own filter or choose from countless others with this innovative photo app.

Magic Hour Lite provides unlimited access to premade photo filters, and it also gives you the ability to create, save, and share your own. With this innovative app, there is literally no end to the combinations of effects you can apply to your photos to create the perfect finished product. And you can share the filters you create, as well, so other users can benefit from them, too.

The home screen of Magic Hour Lite offers options for taking a photo, choosing one from your photo albums, managing filters, or heading to the free filter market to find even more. All of the filters in the market are made by other users and are free to download. However, the app comes with many filters already available, and you can also make your own using the tools provided. When you take or select a photo to work on, you'll first go to a screen where you can scale, flip, rotate, and crop the photo. Next it's time to choose a filter or make your own. Adjust color balance and brightness, and then add vignette borders, textures, and frames until you have exactly the look you're going for.

The interface of this app is not challenging to learn, and all of its features work well. The lite version has some limitations, but you can unlock all of the features of the app for $1.99. Even the free features are a lot of fun to play around with, though, making this a good choice for a photo editing app.

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