Review: Make Vandering, Hadoukening memes with Kame Camera

Create and share great images by adding Manga stickers to your photos with this app.

Kame Camera helps you make all kinds of fun photo memes including Vandering and Hadoukening with stickers you can add to your photos. With these stickers, you can turn ordinary-looking people in photos into cartoon heroes by adding effects and other Manga images. With this set of tools, the possibilities for the scenes you can create are nearly endless.

As soon as you install Kame Camera, you're ready to start adding stickers to your images. Choose one from your library or take a new one through the app. Then, just tap the "Add" button to choose a sticker. You can resize and rotate each sticker to make it fit perfectly in your photo, and there are four different categories of stickers to browse through. Sharing photos and rating those of other users allows you to earn points, and those points are good for purchasing even more sticker packs through the sticker shop. You can also earn points by downloading various other apps, many of which are free, from the tab labeled "Get points for free" in the sticker shop.

If you're a fan of Manga or enjoy taking photos in the Vandering and Hadoukening style, then this is a fun app to play around with. It works well, has lots of fun stickers to choose from, and it's free. There are plenty of ads on the screen most of the time, but that doesn't really take away from the experience of using the app.

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