Review: SurfEasy VPN for Mac provides security and anonymity

Surf the Web without worrying about being tracked.

SurfEasy VPN for Mac boosts your online security and privacy by rerouting all Web traffic through a virtual private network. The service has a free tier as well as paid subscriptions and offers desktop and mobile apps for free once you create an account. As with any VPN or proxy, your Internet speed will decrease depending on the chosen server, but your machine will not take a performance hit.

During installation, SurfEasy VPN for Mac requires an administrative password. After you launch the app and log in to your account, you can configure it by clicking the icon on the screen, which reveals a menu that lets you select a region, view allowed and used traffic, and launch the app on startup. If you're using the free tier of the service, you can have up to five devices and a 500MB allowance per month. In our tests we were able to download a 7.5MB file in about 30 seconds, and had an upload speed of up to 1 MB/second. SurfEasy runs a rewards program where you can earn more allowance by promoting the app and using all of its features.

If you're concerned about your privacy, a service like SurfEasy VPN for Mac may go a long way toward making your online interactions more secure. But if you prioritize network speed over anonymity, you will likely feel disappointed by this class of software. To find out whether it's for you, download it and try it out.

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