Review: PitchPerfect Musical Instrument Tuner lets you easily tune different string instruments

Get the right pitch on your guitar using this straightforward method for tuning your instruments.

PitchPerfect Musical Instrument Tuner for Mac offers precise tuning for ten different string instruments via a clean and easy-to-learn interface. The app uses any available audio input device, even a built-in microphone, to listen to your instrument, and provides a catalog of the different tuning options available. Whether you're an amateur or professional musician, this app can be useful.

Unlike many specialized apps, PitchPerfect Musical Instrument Tuner for Mac provides you with an uncluttered interface. A scrubber detects your current pitch and places the target pitch, updating itself in real time as you tune the instrument. You will also notice a list of currently used strings and their respective notes. The app supports ten instruments, including a couple of guitars, a violin, viola, and even a cello. The tuning process, itself, is straightforward for all of them -- you have to match the target pitch with the actual pitch displayed on the screen. While the app does do its job, during testing we had to dampen the other strings in order to get better results. Also, sometimes when playing a string for a longer period of time, the app started detecting it as another note due to the change in frequency.

If you're looking for an unconventional yet precise way to tune your guitar, look no further than PitchPerfect Musical Instrument Tuner for Mac. It has decent support for different instruments and is compatible with multiple input devices. Remember, though, that it's not a professional solution, so don't expect it to be flawless.

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