Review: PasswordVault Lite for Mac enters your password in Web sites/3rd-party desktop apps

Keep your passwords in one repository that can be easily used on any desktop OS and with any app or site.

PasswordVault Lite for Mac stores your sensitive information in one place and allows you to easily enter it into Web sites and desktop apps that allow pasting of content in their username and password fields. It also lets you do automatic database backups, both locally and online, as well as use collaboration features. The downside is that the app is completely desktop focused, having no Web app, browser extensions, or mobile integration.

PasswordVault Lite for Mac features a rather clunky and unpolished main screen. Though not pretty, the interface is functional enough and provides useful tooltips. The entry of usernames and passwords is semi-automatic; while the copying and pasting is done by the software, itself, you are still needed to point it to the right spot by clicking on the "username" field. This routine works well for both Web sites and desktop apps, but leaves a potential security hole: the password of your last log-in remains unsecured in your clipboard. Other notable features are the creation of secure notes and other types of entries, manual or scheduled online sync, master passwords, multiple import and export options, and a 12-character random password generator.

Despite being a Windows port, PasswordVault Lite for Mac looks promising. If you browse the Web mainly on your desktop, it's a valuable app to have. The lack of mobile support is a big drawback, though. Still, it's an interesting app that makes logging in to accounts faster and more convenient. Just make sure you don't use it on a shared computer, or your passwords could be compromised.

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