Review: Window on Top Portable keeps the window you select on top of all others

Never lose your main working window beneath a pile with this handy tool.

Window on Top Portable ensures you never lose the window you're working in beneath a pile of other windows by keeping it on top at all times. There are many reasons you might want to keep one window on top of others and visible while you're working, and this app makes that possible. This is one more tool to help you configure your working space just the way you want it to help you maximize efficiency.

This app has a very minimalistic interface with clear instructions for its use. When you open it, you'll see a small window with a hand icon in it and directions on the side, which tell you what to do. Just drag the hand icon onto the window you want to keep on top and release the mouse. After that, you're good to go. The window that you chose will stay on top and fully visible no matter where or what else you click on. You can then minimize the app icon, and when you want to access it again, it's available from the task bar on the lower-right side of your screen. There is an option available to set your own shortcut key for initiating the app, as well.

In our tests, this app did work most of the time, but there were occasions when the selected window dropped into the pile again so that the selection process had to be repeated. Since the app is free, though, it's worth trying out to see if it's something that's useful to you.

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