Review: UltraCopier Portable efficiently copies, moves, or transfers files

Move or copy files quickly with this convenient utility tool.

UltraCopier Portable makes copying, moving, or transferring files from one location to another easier and more efficient than ever. With this app, you can back up files by making a copy in a different location, or you can transfer a file from one folder to another or from your computer to a USB device. The interface of this app is straightforward and functional, making it accessible for both beginning and experienced users.

Once you've installed UltraCopier Portable, you can access it from the task bar on the lower-right side of your screen. Just specify the file or files you want to move or copy and their destination, and the app takes care of the rest. The program is fast and efficient, and there are multiple options you can control, including when you want the program to manually open files, and when you want it to group windows. For instance, you may want to group them when the files have the same destination, or only when they have both the same origin and the same destination. You can also choose several details of the transfer including the date, whether or not to move the whole folder, whether or not to transfer file rights, and various display options.

If you move files around a lot or often make copies of files, this is a good tool to have. It is free and delivers on all of its promised features fully.

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