Review: Stu's Quiz Boxes creates a question and answer game

Review class material or quiz your friends in trivia with this Jeopardy-style game.

Stu's Quiz Boxes creates a question-and-answer-style game for two to six players that's perfect for classrooms or parties. It comes preloaded with a few quizzes in academic areas and a few in pop culture, but you can easily add your own questions to this Jeopardy-style game, and it's quick to set up and run.

The interface for Stu's Quiz Boxes is straightforward, with options for selecting quizzes, skins, setting the number of players, and beginning the game across the top of the screen. There are three skins that come with the program including one featuring Harry Potter characters, and one with a picture of the Sydney Opera House. The preloaded quizzes are in math, geography, "The Simpsons," movies and TV, and song lyrics. It's very easy to edit the questions and add your own, however, so the game can be adapted to just about any subject matter.

The mechanics of this game will be familiar to most people, but teams begin by selecting a category and a point value, and that determines the question they get to answer. There are also super quiz boxes, which allow the team that uncovers them to decide how much they want the question to be worth. Stu's Quiz Boxes is a great free option for introducing this type of game into a classroom or other setting. It runs well, is accessible to users of all experience levels, and is easily customizable to just about any topic.

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