Review: SmartEncryptor lets you keep your files safe and secure

Quickly encrypt or decrypt any files and send them securely with this software.

SmartEncryptor protects your files from unwanted views through state-of-the-art encryption techniques, including those used by the US government. If you want to make sure all your important files and documents are safe and secure, especially when you're sending them via e-mail, this app offers the type of protection you're looking for.

While the process the SmartEncryptor uses to encrypt your files is probably quite complicated, the interface is not. There are clearly-labeled buttons for adding or removing files and for encrypting them. You can choose the files you want to encrypt by clicking the "Add File" button and browsing your computer, or you can easily drag and drop them in. The files you've selected show up in a list, and you can then encrypt them all at once. On the encryption screen, you'll also be asked to enter and then confirm a password, which you'll need to use to decrypt your files later on. This password can be different each time you use the program, or you can use the same one for everything. To decrypt a file, just double-click it and then enter the password you used during encryption.

There are also several encryption methods you can choose to employ, including Blowfish, which is a block cipher, or AES, which is the US government standard. If you would like to delete a file so that it can't be recovered, SmartEncryptor can take care of that, as well, by using either the Department of Defense's or the NSA's method. The app is free and straightforward to use, with an accessible interface and a nice set of features.

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