Review: Simple Disk Cleaner finds and removes unnecessary files from your computer

Keep your disk clean and running smoothly with this efficient software.

Simple Disk Cleaner locates and removes unnecessary files and other clutter from your computer to improve speed and function. This junk can come in many forms, from incomplete uninstallers to temporary Internet files, and it usually isn't harmful on its own. But once it builds up, it eventually negatively impacts your computer's overall performance, and this app gets rid of it for you.

With a sleek and intuitive interface, Simple Disk Cleaner makes the process of cleaning your hard drive easy. For inexperienced users, there's a wizard that walks you through the process of scanning. There's also a custom scan mode if you're a more experienced user. Another nice feature is the ability to temporarily delete an item to the Recycle Bin if you're not sure what it is and don't want to eliminate it completely in case you need it later on. You can also choose the types of files you want to scan and the types you want to delete.

The free trial of this app works well and scans quickly, but fixing is disabled, so all you can do is scan and delete. For the full-featured version, you'll have to pay $29.95, which is probably worth it if you use your computer a lot and frequently download items. But if you don't generally do a lot of downloading, the free version is likely all you'll need.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Simple Disk Cleaner 8.6.

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