Review: Novisso Desktop Wallpaper Rotator provides fresh images for your desktop

Enjoy a new daily image as your desktop wallpaper with this convenient program.

Novisso Desktop Wallpaper Rotator provides a wide variety of background images to keep your desktop fresh and inspiring. Choose one image or let the program automatically cycle through a few different scenes so you'll never be bored looking at your computer. There are also a lot of different options for the theme of the images, including everything from seasonally appropriate landscapes and sci-fi inspired designs. You can also upload and share your own images with other users.

The interface for this app is basic, yet intuitive and functional. It allows you to choose the image or set of images you'd like for your desktop background, and it gives you various options for channels you can subscribe to for more images. Images can be made to fit your screen in whichever way you prefer; however, it seems you have to make that selection for each image, individually, which is somewhat of a drawback, especially if you're cycling through a series of images.

There are a large number of free images available, but if you want the full-featured version of this app, you'll have to upgrade to a VIP membership and pay $12 for a one-year subscription. This is a pretty insignificant amount for all of the image options and app features it opens up for you, so it's probably worth it if you really like changing and customizing your desktop frequently. And even if you don't want to pay, there's plenty available for free, as well.

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