Review: Clipboard History keeps up to 20 clips at a time for easy copying and pasting

Keep all of your clips in one place and access them quickly with this handy tool.

Clipboard History stores up to 20 text clips at a time to make copying and pasting a much quicker and more efficient process. For items that you copy and paste frequently, you can create "stickies," permanent entries that don't cycle off of your clipboard as you add new items. You can also customize shortcut keys for accessing your clipboard and pasting items.

The interface of Clipboard History is pretty minimalist, so it can be a bit confusing to use at first. But since there aren't many features, you'll get the hang of it quickly. Just about all of the instructions center on how to paste, and although the shortcut keys for copying to this clipboard are the same as you would have been using before, that information doesn't actually appear anywhere. You also won't see anything happen as you select and copy an item; but if you then bring up your clipboard, the items that you copied will be there in a numbered list. To paste an item, all you have to do is hit the key for the number next to the item you want to paste, which is an efficient method and it works well. Another handy option is that you can choose to insert the current time and date into your numbered list of clips at any time to act as a reference when you're trying to locate a specific clip later on.

Overall this app works well and delivers on all of its promises. Its interface is a little bare bones, but it gets the job done once you get the hang of it. And since the app is free, you'll lose nothing if you give it a try.

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