Review: Video Downloader Viz can be used to download videos, but it lacks playing features

Download videos from all over the Web to your smartphone or tablet.

Video Downloader Viz works most of the time, but it lacks support for several popular sites. It's missing the crown jewel of online video as well as a few other sites that you'd want to use. Add in the app's mediocre built-in player and you may be left looking elsewhere to download online video.

This app is a basic browser that lets you download videos you come across as you're surfing. The app works on -- and has bookmarks for -- most major video sites, but it did not download anything off of YouTube, which is a bad sign. When you find a site it does work on, you can set it as a bookmark to come back often. Video Downloader Viz has a built-in player for the videos you download, which many other video players can't say. However, the player is more frustrating than anything else. It shrinks your video, places an ad over the timeline, and doesn't offer any advanced features. The app holds any video you download in a special menu, so you can always find it.

The app works well when it works, but leaving out YouTube may be a big deal breaker for some. Video Downloader Viz is worth downloading if you want to get videos from elsewhere, though. Just make sure you download them in a format that works with other players, because you don't want to be stuck watching a video in this app.

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