Review: Seasons Wallpaper offers you a cute wallpaper that changes with the times

Make your desktop background reflect the current weather or holiday.

Seasons Wallpaper is a fun treat for people who like to decorate for the holidays -- no matter what the holiday. It lets you set your phone to the current season to get a cool animated wallpaper that puts you in the right frame of mind. Though it's missing a few holidays, it's still a neat app if you're into animated wallpaper.

This app decorates your wallpaper based on what season it is in the world around you. It was winter when we downloaded it, so the wallpaper treated us to a snowscape complete with snowmen and an "X days until Christmas" sign. There were wallpapers for spring, fall, and summer, as well as a few holidays, too. Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and Independence Day were noticeably absent from the list of holidays, though. Seasons Wallpaper kept sending ads to us when we were tinkering with its settings menu, but they were relatively easy to avoid. Since all of these wallpapers are animated, they may drain your battery and processor if you're not careful. The app isn't available on the Google Play market, so you'll need a way to get it from your computer to your phone or tablet, as well.

Still, those flaws are easy to ignore, since most live wallpapers present similar downsides. Seasons Wallpaper makes up for them with genuinely enjoyable wallpapers that don't overstay their welcome, since you can change them with ease. Once it adds support for more holidays, it will easily be a top-tier live wallpaper app.

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