Review: Osx Utilities offers access to two hidden Mac functions through a menu bar icon

Turn hidden folders and the user library folder on or off, right from your Mac menu bar with this practical app.

Osx Utilities for Mac provides a quick way to access hidden files across your system by placing a handy icon on the Mac menu bar. It's an extremely basic app and it's easy to use, with no options to configure. Though there isn't much in the way of clutter, the drop-down menu could be more streamlined.

After the installation, you will find Osx Utilities for Mac on your menu bar. Clicking on it, regardless of the mouse button used, yields the same result: a menu drops down where you can toggle hidden files and the user library directory on and off. Showing or hiding the hidden files will restart Finder for a few seconds and your open windows will be closed. In terms of overall performance, Osx Utilities for Mac runs smoothly, doing its job well. There is certainly room for improvement within the app, though; as it stands now, you're always shown all possible options, even when they're not applicable.

If you want to access hidden Finder preferences, you should give Osx Utilities for Mac a go. Because of its minimalist nature, it's easy to use and accessible, making it convenient for casual users. Power users, on the other hand, might find it too basic to be useful.

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