Review: LOK-IT USB Storage Device Control allows only known thumb drives

Set access permissions for every USB drive that connects to your Mac via a whitelist and a blacklist.

LOK-IT USB Storage Device Control for Mac places restrictions on all unrecognized USB storage devices connected to your computer. It allows thumb drives and external hard drives placed on the whitelist to be used by the system, while it instantly unmounts any unknown USB drives, automatically placing them in the blacklist. This premium app has a trial version that supports only LOK-IT branded thumb drives and does not allow modifications to the whitelist.

Because LOK-IT USB Storage Device Control for Mac hooks deeper in the OS than most apps, it comes with an installation wizard that requires administrative access. Upon initial launch you are presented with the option to set a username and password that will be required when accessing the app. The app successfully differentiates between external storage devices and other USB peripherals and does not interfere with the operation of the latter. When a thumb drive is inserted into your computer, the app takes two seconds to determine whether the USB stick is part of the whitelist or not. If the stick is not among the approved devices, the drive is unmounted, rendering it inaccessible.

LOK-IT USB Storage Device Control for Mac has a clear target audience: users who do not wish to have unauthorized external storage devices connected to their machines. If you're one of them, you'll really like this app. Keep in mind, though, that the free version works only with LOK-IT drives -- any other USB stick will be blacklisted.

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