Review: Clean and tweak your Windows PC with Advanced Win Utilities Free

Clean and manage your PC with this unique collection of Windows system utilities.

Advanced Win Utilities Free is a uniquely versatile Windows toolkit. It's easy to use for regular operations like shredding files or erasing Web browser tracks, as well as less frequent tasks like managing passwords, purging duplicates, joining files, or recovering deleted data. Advanced Win Utilities' roster includes broken shortcut and empty folder removers, driver backup, Registry cleaner, file shredder, startup manager, and uninstaller. It has extras that few other toolkits offer, such as an EXE resource extractor, file and program encryption, file and folder monitor, keylogger, auto clicker, and autoshutdown. There's even a Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator. Help includes how-tos and video tutorials.

Advanced Win Utilities' easy-to-use layout categorizes tools under System Tweak, Hard disk, Privacy, and File & Program Management, with subcategories like Folder & Shortcut, Cleanup & Shred, and Drivers & Registry. We started with the Web Browser Cleanup tool, though surprisingly it only cleaned Internet Explorer. We had better luck with the Disk Cleaner, which found 94MB of files on our supposedly clean disk, and the deep-scanning Registry Cleaner. As always, carefully review all scans before running any cleaner, especially tools as thorough as these! The Shortcut Cleaner offers more features and options than similar tools we've seen, but that's also true of Advanced Win Utilities in general. The Driver Backup tool scanned and backed up all our system drivers in seconds. We lacked a wireless connection to share, so we couldn't test the Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator, but how cool is it to have?

Most of Advanced Win Utilities Free's tools proved more powerful and effective than similar offerings. Even if you already have a Windows utilities suite, its unique variety of tools makes it especially useful.

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