Review: What's the Saying? ~ each pic hides a common word phrase! is a fun puzzler

Try and decipher the picture riddle in this fun puzzle game.

What's the Saying? ~ each pic hides a common word phrase! is a fun app that serves up a stream of picture riddles for you to decipher. This is a fun way to kill some time and flex your mental muscles on puzzles of all difficulty levels, and you may find yourself hooked before you know it. Once you solve one picture puzzle, another one pops right up, so you can keep going for as long as you want -- as long as you can solve the puzzle, that is.

As soon as you open What's the Saying? there's a puzzle waiting for you. Beneath the picture, there are blank spaces that correspond to the letters of the word or words in the solution. Under these spaces are a selection of letters. You won't use all of these letters in your solution, but you can't use letters that aren't there. Fill in the blanks by tapping on the letter you want to put in, and if you get the whole thing, you'll be taken to the next puzzle. If you're stuck, there are several options available for getting some help. You can have the game fill in a letter for you, remove some of the options for letters from the screen, or ask a friend. If you're really stuck, you can have the game fill in the whole answer so you can move on.

These helplines are each free once, after which they cost coins. You earn coins in the game by solving the puzzles, and you can also buy them. In the free version of this app, there are also ads that pop up, and you can earn more coins if you watch them in their entirety, but you can also skip them.

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