Review: Weird Park: Scary Tales HD - A Hidden Object Adventure is a spooky game

Search for clues as you try to discover the secrets of this mysterious fantasy world.

Weird Park: Scary Tales HD is a hidden object game in which you search for clues to find out what happened to some missing children. This is the second Weird Park app released by Big Fish Games, and it begins with your character driving down a dark road, only to have the ghost of a child appear in the passenger's seat for a moment and then disappear again. This causes you to crash your car, and when you wake up, you begin to search for clues and a way home.

The interface and graphics of this app are streamlined and engaging, and the story is compelling. You can receive hints about where to look and what to do next by tapping the balloon that a teddy bear in the bottom-right corner of the screen is holding. You'll also have to play some mini-games as you progress to acquire new items that you'll use later on.

The app is free to play as much as you'd like, but to unlock all of the game's features, you'll wind up paying a total of $4.99 through in-app purchases. If you enjoy hidden object games, this is a good one to try. And if you've never played one before, the short tutorial at the beginning and the hints provided throughout the game offer just enough help to get you well on your way to solving the mystery.

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