Review: TapIN - Web site Login Manager and Password Keeper stores all of your account info.

Log in to any Web site with one tap with TapIN - Web site Login Manager and Password Keeper.

TapIN - Web site Login Manager and Password Keeper stores all of your username and password information so you can log in to your favorite sites with one tap. Once you set up your log-ins through TapIN, you can simultaneously open that Web page and log in by selecting it from the list of sites in the app. This is a convenient tool to use if you have trouble remembering all of your various usernames and passwords, although you'll still have to enter them all once, so that they can be stored in the app.

When you open TapIN for the first time, a demo quickly walks you through how the app works. You can then proceed to setting up your own list of passwords and/or usernames. You do this by entering the Web site you want to log in to the app's browser search box. The app then opens that page and gets ready to record your log-in. There's a small button in the top-right corner to use when you're ready to begin recording your information and again to stop recording when you're done. After each log-in is saved, a link to that page shows up in the main menu of the app.

This app works well, but it can only take you to a mobile site rather than logging you in to an app that you have installed on your phone. There is also a nice feature that lets you set up a passcode to gain access to the main log-in page of the app. Setting the passcode is optional, but it's probably a good idea, especially if you store log-ins to sensitive sites like your bank or credit card accounts. This app is free to use for up to three pages, beyond which you'll have to pay $2.99 for three additional sites or $6.99 to upgrade all the way to the pro version.

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