Review: Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn HD - A Hidden Object Adventure is a spooky puzzler

Explore a creepy fantasy world in your quest to find out why your brother was kidnapped.

Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn HD - A Hidden Object Adventure takes you into a spooky countryside to investigate the disappearance of your brother. Once you get to his last known location, it's your job to follow the clues and accumulate objects that will be useful later on. You'll encounter a variety of obstacles to overcome, puzzles to solve, and other characters on your quest, and they can all help you attain your ultimate goal if you can figure out how to use them appropriately.

This app opens quickly and runs well. It lets you select the level of gameplay you'd like, from casual to advanced. Your choice will determine how much help the game gives you as you try to discover all of the hidden objects you'll need to complete your quest. The hints are helpful enough without completely spelling out the solution for you, so even if you choose the easiest level, you'll still have some work to do to solve the mystery.

This iPad app is free, displays clearly, and has an intuitive and convenient interface. Anyone familiar with other hidden object adventures will catch on quickly and find the mechanics familiar, but the puzzles and mini-games are clever and interesting. Overall, this is a fun way to spend some time, and since it's free, there's not much not to like about it.

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