Review: MoneyControl - Income and Expense Tracker is a budgeting tool for iOS

Keep track of all your bills and set a budget with this handy app.

MoneyControl - Income and Expense Tracker lets you enter in your income and expenses to easily track your budget and plan for the future. The app displays your financial information in several handy and easy-to-read formats including graphs and calendar format; so no matter how you like to look at this type of data, you should find this app useful.

As soon as you install MoneyControl, you're ready to start budgeting. The interface is very intuitive and clear. Just enter in an expense and income and the app automatically adjusts your balance and projections. You can easily set both expenses and incomes to repeat at whatever interval you would like, and you can record transfers between two different accounts without affecting your bottom line. There is also a feature to create shortcuts for entering transactions that you use frequently but that don't recur on a consistent basis.

MoneyControl Pro costs $1.99, and several extensions are available, as well. These include one for creating, printing, or sharing various reports in PDF format -- and one for entering receipts, directly. Each of these is free to try, and they cost $0.99 to unlock for unlimited use. This app is quite useful, although it doesn't have features like the ability to import bank information directly like some other, more powerful pieces of software. But for the price, this is a good basic tool, and it works well.

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