Review: European Mystery: Scent of Desire - A Hidden Object Adventure lives up to its name

Solve the mystery of a young woman's disappearance in this hidden object puzzle game.

European Mystery: Scent of Desire - A Hidden Object Adventure lets you investigate the disappearances of several young women. At the beginning of the game, the royal steward hires you, a renowned detective, to find his daughter, who has mysteriously disappeared. She is just the most recent of several victims of the assailant you're trying to track down and along the way, you'll have to accumulate objects to help you in your investigation.

The mechanics of this hidden object adventure are quite similar to those in other games of this kind, but the setting is fresh and engaging. The graphics are excellent, and objects are easy to see even when they are very small. Hints are provided, as well, and you can choose how often they are available depending on how much help you want from the game as you pursue your objective. Along the way, you'll also meet other characters who sometimes have helpful information, and you automatically record your findings in your journal so that you can refer back to it later on.

This game is free and you can unlock bonus features for free when you install the Big Fish games app through a link in the game. If you're a fan of hidden object adventures, this one is certainly worth a try. And if you've never tried one of these games before, Scent of Desire is a good place to start.

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