Review: Covet Fashion takes you into the world of fashion design and competition

Buy clothes and accessories to complete your look and earn votes from other players.

Covet Fashion is a game that explores the world of fashion design by letting you create a look and compete with other players. Take a shopping trip on Rodeo Drive and then come home and put together some outfits with the items you selected. This is an engaging and fun way to play around with fashion and the interface is intuitive, with easy-to-follow instructions.

Your first task in the world of Covet Fashion is to vote on the looks other players have put together to help them move up and earn rewards. This voting also helps you gain currency, which you can then use to purchase new clothing and accessories. So, once you have some money to play with, it's time to go shopping. This is convenient, as well, and the app walks you through purchasing each item you'll need and then lets you use those items to put your look together. Then select the best makeup and hair to match the outfit and submit your creation for votes from your fellow game players.

While this game will certainly appeal to those interested in the world of fashion, it's straightforward and accessible enough for just about anyone to have fun with it. There are also links in the game to external sites where you can do some actual online shopping or browse the latest fashion news. Overall, this is a fun and engaging way to spend some time and you can even connect with your friends on Facebook to share the experience.

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