Review: Where's My Chicken? FREE will keep kids entertained

Collect eggs from chickens before the fox gets them in Where's My Chicken? FREE.

Where's My Chicken? FREE is a cute game that is easy to play -- perhaps too easy. It's almost impossible to not get the top score on each level of this game you play, and there's little variation in them, as well. While that repetitive fun may be fine for kids, it's not enough to make this game a real winner for adults.

In this game, your goal is to collect eggs from a coop full of chickens while keeping your coop safe from roving foxes. You can load the coop with a practically limitless number of chickens and roosters -- to fight the foxes -- with the only penalty being they take from your score. That means the only difficulty in this game is finding the right balance of chickens and protecting them, which we managed to do well enough to earn three stars in almost every round. Where's My Chicken? FREE hits you with an ad after every round of play, which gets annoying pretty quickly. There is a lot of repetition in this game, which gets old quickly, as well. Sadly, the game doesn't evolve in difficulty enough to make it rewarding to keep playing for more than a few rounds.

Where's My Chicken? FREE is nice to have on your phone if you have young kids, but the game's cute chickens and annoying sound effects might not be enough to keep you interested for long.

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