Review: Ultra 3D car parking 2 has enough cars and levels to please parking fans

Park cars in tight spaces using this challenging parking simulator.

Ultra 3D car parking 2 is a solid, challenging parking simulator with a decent collection of cars. Though the app isn't loaded with features, levels, or cars, it has just enough to keep you happy. Fans of parking simulators would do well to add this game to their collection.

This game is a relatively standard parking game: You choose your car and then have to wedge it into a tight parking space as quickly as you can. Instead of giving you a steering wheel to control your car, you get an onscreen joystick that makes controlling the vehicle a little easier. The game has a lot of different cars, and while their looks vary greatly -- from souped-up muscle cars to rundown rust buckets -- each car performs about the same behind the wheel. There are ten different levels to unlock, but Ultra 3D car parking 2 starts off challenging enough to make them worthwhile in terms of difficultly. The game is loaded down with ads that rear their ugly head anytime you complete a level, advance through the menu, or do just about anything in the game.

Though it's not the best parking simulator available, it has more than enough of what parking fans like to win you over. Ultra 3D car parking 2 won't convert anyone to the genre, but it's still a decent enough parking simulator. If that's all you want -- and you don't mind the occasional ad -- then this game is worth the download.

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