Review: Track any interesting event and share group photos with friends using Tracks

Take and share photos with this nifty Pinterest lookalike social networking application.

Tracks combines a few well-known apps into one hodgepodge of photo sharing and social networking. It's a unique app that will win over a lot of fans from other networks, especially since it looks and performs admirably. While the intended purpose of this app isn't really clear, it's safe to say that it's worth exploring.

Tracks lets you take and share photos to a social network or to a small group of your friends. While that sounds like Instagram or other photo-sharing apps, the app's tackboard layout harkens back to Pinterest. This application shares features with both, bringing the board-sharing abilities of the latter to the photo taking and filtering of the former. You can share your photos to Facebook and Twitter right from the app, as well. This app has its own camera with a built-in zoom, but editing features for your photos are nowhere to be found. Luckily, you can share photos you've edited in other apps to it. The app allows you to add any number of photos to an album and to sign on to sharing your photos on other users' albums, as well.

Though the app could use some more photo editing or filtering features, the sharing community is what really sells you on this app. Tracks has enough of the elements of other popular social networking apps. Give it a try to see if you like this mix of all of your favorite apps.

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