Review: TheTruthSpy is an absurdly powerful spying app

Spy on everything an Android phone or tablet is doing from this app.

TheTruthSpy is one of the most advanced spying apps available for Android, but it's also one of the most frustrating to set up. It took us so many attempts just to register that we almost gave up on the app entirely. It's a good thing the app was worth the frustration once we got to its good parts.

This app monitors all of the activity on an Android phone or tablet from another phone or Web interface. In addition to seeing all of the calls, texts, and photos like you would on most spying apps, this one can tell you what apps that phone has been using and who it has been talking to on WhatsApp, Yahoo, and other messengers. It even provides constantly updated GPS information. All of this info. is presented in a really stylish Web menu that is a pleasure to browse. The app can only support three gadgets at a time, so it might not be ideal for bigger families. It took us nine separate attempts to register TheTruthSpy when we tried, which was ridiculously frustrating.

Annoying setup aside, this app gives you just about everything you'd need in terms of a spying app. The small number of accounts is obviously restrictive, but if your family meets its size restrictions, you won't find many better apps. TheTruthSpy is an incredibly stylish, robust spying app we can definitely recommend. However, do keep in mind that there may be special laws regarding apps like this in your state, so know if you're breaking them before you decide to sign up.

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