Review: QR Droid offers you one of the best QR scanners

Scan and create QR codes easily from any Android phone or tablet using this amazing QR utility.

QR Droid stands tall as one of the premier QR readers because it has a great combination of features and style. It doesn't hurt that the app is easy to use, even for mobile users who have never even seen a QR code. It would be nice if it scanned traditional bar codes like some apps do, but the number of ways it interacts with QR codes is enough.

You can use QR Droid to scan any QR code you find around town or even online to see what link or app it hides. In addition to scanning QR codes, this application lets you create your own code and link to everything from a link or plain text to a PayPal payment, Wi-Fi network, or business card. It only takes a few taps to create your own, so most users will have no problem. Even if you can't figure it out, the app gives you quick tips that walk you through the whole process. QR Droid is linked to a program that can save any link you scan as a bookmark in the program, but you can't save it as a browser bookmark (though you can share it to e-mail). The app's layout is very consistent and attractive, which makes using this application even easier.

If you can think of anything you'd want to do with a QR Code, this app can probably handle it. QR Droid's millions of fans and users aren't wrong; it truly is one of the better QR readers on Android. It is missing a few features that would make it a complete all-in-one bar code reader, though.

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