Review: Phereo 3D Photo performs as a fine 3D photo viewer

Browse through many 3D images and share your own photos in 3D using this fun photo viewer.

Phereo 3D Photo is a fine photo viewer, but it only works with a small number of Android gadgets. Sadly, most of the gear it works with isn't very popular, which means most users won't be able to get all they otherwise could from this app. If you have one of the supported devices, this app is a worthwhile photo-sharing network.

While this app lets you view and share photos in 3D, it only works on a small number of smartphones and tablets: the only big names in the group are the HTC Evo 3D and the LG Optimus 3D. You can see the full list on the app's Play store page, but it's a safe bet your phone isn't on it. If it's not, you can still use the app, but the photos won't look nearly as good as they do with a 3D phone. Phereo 3D Photo will just show you photos that would otherwise be 3D so they look blurry and pixelated. The app lets you upload your own images, but since it only supports true 3D formats, most of your pictures aren't eligible unless you've been shooting in 3D. The app's gallery is easy to organize into categories and you don't need to sign up to view anything. If you do sign up, the app gives you your own profile to track your uploads.

This app is very cool if you can make it work on your phone or tablet, but the odds aren't in your favor there. Phereo 3D Photo will be great when and if 3D becomes standard on the big-name Android phones. Until then, there isn't much you can do with this app, other than populate it with photos if you're lucky enough to have a 3D phone.

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