Review: Octane Browser combines blazing speed with just the right amount of features

Surf the Web on the go with this lightweight, speedy browser for Android gadgets.

Octane Browser could turn heads thanks to its unique combo of blazing speed and just the right amount of features. It surfs a hair faster than the big names in mobile browsing, which may be just enough to impress the speed demons out there. Though it sacrifices a few advanced features to make that speed happen, it leaves behind most of the features you'd need in a browser.

This is a mobile browser that, from its name and marketing material, seems to pride speed over anything else. Sure enough, it did load pages a little faster than Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. It was a "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" speed advantage, but an advantage, nonetheless. To get to that speed, Octane Browser sacrifices a few features like add-ons, day and night modes, and advanced menus, but it still offers most of the advanced features you'll need. Tabbed browsing, bookmarks, and an incognito mode are all present and work just as well as you might expect -- though the tabs and pages, themselves, look like a ported desktop browser more than a mobile browser. There's even a built-in ad blocker that works fairly well. However, do keep in mind that it doesn't eliminate banner ads on pages.

This app has wisely cut out a lot of bulk for the sake of a speed boost. If your biggest demand of a browser is how fast it loads pages, Octane Browser may be worth the switch. Once you see how many of your favorite features this app keeps, you won't mind losing the advanced features, since it keeps most of the stuff the average user needs.

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