Review: Moto Free offers a fine motorcycle sound effect, but it could use customization

Rev your engine with this app that makes fun motorcycle sounds.

Moto Free is a fun app for motorcycle fans, but it could use more sound effects and customization. The clever use of your phone's motion sensors doesn't make up for the lack of options inside of the free version of this app. While it will turn your phone or tablet into handlebars really quickly, you may grow tired of it just as fast.

This app turns your phone's screen into a motorcycle handlebar. Revving it -- which you can do by swiping your finger up the handlebar or turning your phone toward you like you would a regular handlebar -- causes your "engine" to make one of three different sounds. The force you use to rev the engine dictates the sound and you can make your screen flash if you rev hard enough. The three sounds are all authentic, but they're only marginally different from one another. You can't do anything to change your handlebars or anything else in Moto Free without paying for the premium version, as well.

Moto Free is a fun novelty, but it won't win any awards or faithful followers. In fact, most people might get more use out of a soundboard, since it would have more sound effects to choose from. Still, it's hard to deny how fun "revving" your smartphone's engine is the first few times you do it.

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