Review: Help your kids improve their basic math skills with Math Game for Smart Kids

Let your kids solve problems to earn points in this basic math game.

Math Game for Smart Kids isn't terribly complex or interesting for adults, but it's a fine tutoring tool for younger kids. They may tire quickly of its repetitive style and low level of difficultly, but they will probably learn something on the way there. That will beat out other, less educational games in parents' eyes.

Math Game for Smart Kids shows off an adorable panda that asks a series of 25 math questions each round. Each set of questions involves basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) and scale from single to triple digit number problems. The game then grades your performance: You'll get an A if you got each question in the allotted time, and it goes down from there. You can make a mistake only three times. The game doesn't let you share your score on any social network or even see how others have done with the quizzes through online leaderboards, though. The game's multiple choice answers are easy to guess, as well. During a quiz, it's rare to get more than two answers with the same digit in the ending, which means you only have to add the last two numbers to get the answer. It might take younger children a while to figure that out, though.

Math Game for Smart Kids is a good way to encourage children to use smartphones and tablets for more than just playing popular games like Angry Birds. However, it would probably help this app's cause if it were more than just a basic high-score chase.

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